• The Perfect Pair Kitchen sinks & faucets

    The choice of your kitchen faucet and kitchen sink will greatly influence the style and functional aspect of your kitchen. Find the perfect combination that suits you and your family in our selection!

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    Kitchen Sink & Faucet Duos

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  • Kitchen Sink Accessories They make everything better

    Upgrade your kitchen sink with gadgets designed to simplify your daily tasks with functional tools like sink grids and soap pumps that will keep things clean and efficient!

    Kitchen style with accessories

  • Top-notch Organization Efficiency is on the menu!

    Keep your plates, utensils, spices and other dishes at your fingertips without compromising the look of your kitchen with our cabinet and drawer storage systems.

    Kitchen Organization Solutions
  • Backsplash Bring life to your kitchen!

    Ranked as a top solution to avoid a permanent mess when cooking, a beautiful backsplash dresses your kitchen like a jewel!

    White Kitchen Backsplash Metro Tiles
  • Kitchen Accessories The final touch!

    From gadgets designed to simplify daily tasks to functional tools that get you to enjoy your kitchen even more, discover great accessories you won't want to live without!

    Kitchen Accessories

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  1. Kitchen Faucets 30items
    1. Chef-Style Kitchen Faucets 10items
    2. Pull-Down Faucets 15items
    3. Traditional Faucets 5items
    4. Kitchen Faucets With Plate 5items
    5. Sink & Faucet Duos 7items
  2. Kitchen Sinks 33items
    1. Undermount Sinks 16items
    2. Overmount Sinks 17items
    3. Apron-Front Sinks 1item
    4. Sink & Faucet Duos 7items
  3. Kitchen Faucet Parts 13items
  4. Kitchen Sink Parts 10items
    1. Soap Dispensers 5items
    2. Kitchen Sink Grids 5items
  1. 30" 1 item
Installation type
  1. Undermount 14 items
  2. Overmount 13 items
  3. Undermount or overmount 5 items
  4. Front facing 1 item
  1. Rectangular 10 items
  2. Round 10 items
  3. Square 15 items
  4. Oval 1 item
  1. Stainless steel 25 items
  2. Granite composite 2 items
  1. Matte 1 item
Faucet included
  1. Yes 7 items
  2. No 26 items
Hand shower
  1. Yes 22 items
  2. No 1 item
Cartridge type
  1. Ceramic 29 items
  1. Umbra 1 item
  2. KUIZEN 32 items
  3. Delta 2 items
  4. KEBO 23 items
  5. Simple Human 2 items
New product
  1. No 66 items
  2. Yes 11 items
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