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Bathroom Faucet Collections

Bathroom sink faucets - Sky CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Sky Collection


So many elements define the SKY collection’s sophistication and timeless quality: slender shape, curved spouts and thin rounded levers are good examples. Adapts to any style!

Bathroom sink faucets - Atlas CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Atlas Collection


With its large selection of chrome finish faucets, our square, straight-lined ATLAS collection promises to bring your space a modern twist for many years to come.

Bathroom sink faucets - Heritage CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Heritage Collection


HERITAGE is a collection intended to complete your sumptuous and inviting décor. Beauty that is designed to last for years.

Bathroom sink faucets - Fame CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Fame Collection


Looking for state-of-the-art faucets? Here is our FAME collection, with its straight and thin lines that will make it the star of your bathroom.

Bathroom sink faucets - Berlin CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Berlin Collection


All faucets from our square-lined BERLIN collection will bring a subtle, stylish modern twist to your space. Enjoy them for many years to come!

Bathroom sink faucets - William CollectionBathroom sink faucets - William Collection


For a different and ultra-modern style, opt for a faucet from our WILLIAM collection. Its white or black finishes with chrome accents will bring many positive comments! Promised!

Bathroom sink faucets - Dili CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Dili Collection


With its cubic, straight lines, our selection of waterfall effect faucets from the DILI collection will meet all your style and functional needs. Use it to bring the modern and final touch to your space!

Bathroom sink faucets - Nassau CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Nassau Collection


The NASSAU collection, with its flat spouts and straight lines, is a perfect choice for someone who wants to add a clean and contemporary touch to their bathroom.

Bathroom sink faucets - Ian CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Ian Collection


Opt for modernity by integrating any product from our square IAN collection with a chrome finish to your décor. Durable and timeless!

Shower faucets - Anabelle CollectionShower faucets - Anabelle Collection


Our ANABELLE faucet collection showcases products with rounded lines that will update the look of any bathroom while assuring its exceptional reliability.

Shower faucets - Aura CollectionShower faucets - Aura Collection


AURA is a collection with straight and simple lines that will seduce any fan of contemporary and modern designs, while being very functional and durable!

Shower faucets - Source CollectionShower faucets - Source Collection


Offered in two finishes, our rounded SOURCE faucet collection is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to update their bathroom’s look with a modern but timeless touch.

Bathroom sink faucets - Gem CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Gem Collection


With its flared accents, the GEM collection has slight curves and a chrome finish that will make it the perfect match for any type of bathroom décor. A timeless and durable choice!

Bathroom sink faucets - Boris CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Boris Collection


Our BORIS collection features high faucets made for vessel sinks that combine fluid lines to the modernity of transparent or coloured glass to give a unique style to your bathroom.

Bathroom sink faucets - Nuance CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Nuance Collection


Our NUANCE collection is offered in different finishes to blend well with all bathroom décor. Its rounded lines make it a classic and timeless choice!

Bathroom sink faucets - Pure CollectionBathroom sink faucets - Pure Collection


Thanks to its flat glass spout with waterfall effect, the ultra-modern PURE collection’s faucets were designed for clean and contemporary bathrooms.


Les meubles sur pattes de notre collection LAWRENCE sont considérés comme une option intemporelle pour toute salle de bain avec leur design classique, leur fini brun-noir et leurs minces poignées chromées.


Combinant la légèreté du blanc lustré et le look industriel du gris béton, les pièces de notre collection ALLIANCE ont le pouvoir de transformer votre salle de bain en un havre de modernité.


Avec son fini gris et son design classique, notre collection LORENA se veut un savant mélange d'ancien et de nouveau qui saura s’adapter à tout style de salle de bain.