DUO LEX one-piece toilet and IllumiBowl toilet light

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Add a touch of fun to your bathroom with this duo including a one-piece LEX toilet and IllumiBowl* toilet light! With a 16.5" high seat, it is equipped with a dual-flush system to reduce its water consumption and the seat’s soft-close system prevents shocks, thus preserving the porcelain’s quality. Cleaning it will also be a breeze thanks to the "quick release" feature of the soft-close seat, completely detaching it to clean those hard-to-reach places. A practical and amusing addition, the IllumiBowl toilet light is motion-activated and illuminates your toilet bowl. Perfect for going to the bathroom at night without stumbling around in the dark or turning on the lights! Choose your favorite colour or go with the 9 colour cycle! An ideal choice for the kid's bathroom - or yours!
* Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
Features & Specs
Features & Specs
Finish Glossy
Material Porcelain
Colour White
Main colour White
Conception 1-piece
Flush type Dual-flush
Seat height 16.5"
Soft-close seat Yes
Bowl shape Rounded bowl
Insulated tank No
Detachable seat No
Wax ring included No
Watersense certified No
HET refund eligible No
ADA compliant No
Brand KIOO
Water capacity 4L / 6L
Flush capacity 800g
Siphon diameter 3"
Toilet seat material Plastic
Warranty Limited warranty of 5 years
Technical specifications Download PDF file
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Product Dimensions
Features & Specs
Assembled product
Product length 25" | 63.5 cm
Product width 13" | 33 cm
Product height 28" | 71.1 cm
Product depth 25" | 63.5 cm
Package Info
Features & Specs
Product Width Height Length Weight
SP-4990 Width 5 1/8" 13 cm Height 1" 2.54 cm Length 6 11/16" 17 cm Weight 1.10 lbs 0.5 kg
T-1337SF Width 16 1/8" 41 cm Height 18 11/16" 47.5 cm Length 26 3/4" 68 cm Weight 90.39 lbs 41 kg
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