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Bathroom Furniture

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  • Bathroom Furniture Set the tone for your décor

    Modern, rustic or classic, we offer hundreds of models in various sizes, colors and finishes that will optimize your space in style, whatever size your bathroom is.

    Bathroom Furniture
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  • Floor Vanities

    Floor Vanities

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    Wall Vanities

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    Elevated Vanities

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    Small Bathrooms

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    Medium Bathrooms

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    Modern Style

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  • Combo Sets Your favorite style set for less 3 great items, 1 low price

    Pick your new bathroom furniture in no time with one of our combos! Featuring a vanity set, a mirror and a linen cabinet, our combos are offered in various styles, sizes and colours! Find yours among our large selection and say hello to your new bathroom!

    Combo Sets
  • Shop all bathroom furniture collection

    Shop All Bathroom Furniture Collections

  • Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets

  • LED Mirrors

    LED Mirrors

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    Medicine Cabinets

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    Universal Mirrors

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    Shop All Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets

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  • Linen Cabinets

    Linen Cabinets

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    Laundry Cabinets

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    Toilet Cabinets


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